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“In The Name Of GOD”


I’m Mohammad Reza Abbasi ” محمدرضا عباسی ”

My business life started on Early of 2003,  I had rented some physical servers in USA and UK and other countries to hosting governmental institutions and organizations on that time.

The main major was security in data and network protections,i have been re-seller of some popular american data-centers such as BURST Net, to host “MBSM” ( Mellat bank’s suggestion systems website ) , Iran Ministry of Foreign Affairs , Imam khomaini Hospital Radiology department , IJR ( first iranian ISI jornal )  and other private companys and personal systems

I have also implement some programming project such as automation of publish department of university of applied sciences( Elmi karbordi University ).

i was start websites penetration test and ethical hacking educations from first of 2007 , on that time i had some governmental projects such as Iran Social Map project ( Ministry of Interior‌ ) .

also i had registered 2 innovations ( patents ) on Cellphones and transfer layer and protocol to provide in home security systems,and etc …(refer to my resume)

at the time of writing this note i am consultant of  manager of khorasan razavi telecom company M.R Malek Jafarian in IT and Legal cases, and adviser of Masjid Soleiman Petrochemical company in IT cases, and member of designers of IT Master Plane of this company. and also at the same time i am Legal adviser of Kala Bazaar Iranian Company. and adviser of Passive Defense organization in IT cases ,and finally i’m IT manager and member of the board of RahpooyanEdalat laws research Institution ,

best wished for all of You

Yours Truly

Mohammad Reza Abbasi



** don’t hesitate to contact me **

Face time and Mobile # : +989151193088

Mashhad Office Fax #  : +985138459291

Email Address :  info@mra.ir

GTalk ID : irasell

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